Passion and knowledge, together with hard work both in the vineyards and winery, are essential to get from nature the best it can gives to us. For this reason we have decided to commit in sustainability and to plan choices respectful of the environment and of the social background for the future.

Our sustainability program encloses some important challenges we would like to share with you.

As time goes by, we will describe our steps to reach a sustainable and durable development, with the help of our wines and labels.

Stay tuned!




We have started a project with our grape suppliers in the Trebbia valley, in order to underline the importance of sustainability and to help them reducing the impact on the environment.
Also other suppliers and customers are involved.

We want to protect our vineyards and our resources; we do that by working with respect for earth, water, air and biodiversity. We have started to reduce our impact on environment by installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of our winery, but we want to go further, by using water consciously and by reducing CO2 emissions.

We want to improve our territory in many ways: not only by using local resources and creating job places, but also by organizing meetings and events, protecting the landscape and promoting the valley as a destination for tourists.